Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Really? How desperate do you think I am?

So over the weekend, I found a fan page on Instagram from someone who had read my blog. At first it sorta creeped me out, but once the person admitted to being behind it I thought well cool. Someone reads my blog and actually enjoys it. 

Well that was where the creepiness began. The person behind the fan site has posted pics over two weeks of a boy that looked no more older than 17 years old. At first even the comments felt they came from a kid who just liked to read blogs. Then it turned strange. 

This person ended up telling me that he was 27 years old. Gave me a name and told me that at his church he leads the music. He said his favorite food was Italian and his favorite restaurant was Olive Garden. He told me several more things that were very similar to things I had wrote in my blog. Favorite tv show, favorite singer was Michael O'Brien, etc. 

Amazing how this guy would think that I would be falling at his every word and totally just be his "girlfriend" and want to date him. What? Do I want to date myself??? No I want someone who will compliment me (not with compliments, but some differences are good. Not total opposites but definitely not the same as me. 

So anyway as the conversation continues. I have caught him in a lie. I emailed the pastor of the church where he said he led music. So the pastor had never heard of him. I confronted the person and they said some more things to try to cover the lie he had told me. 

So rules for dating me.

1. DON'T LIE to a girl. Tell the truth, even if you think that she may not like you. Why? Because if a girl (especially me) catches you in a lie, it's a red flag. 

2. DON'T be pushy. Getting to know someone takes time. In my life, I have been single more than I have been in relationships. I know I can do the single life. I have been surviving or should I say living each day with no major problems. I know I can do single. I still want to get married to someone that God has been preparing for me, but I'm willing to wait. 

3. I have one request for men who will want to date me. It's something special that I came up with after hearing Dr. Doug Weiss talk about dating. It will be revealed for guys who want to pursue a relationship with me. If you can't do the request, then a date will definitely not happen. 

I have to say I'm thankful that he did do the right thing about taking the fan site down, but the one request to be able to date me...he didn't do. At least not the right way. So yet another red flag. 

Listen guys, if you are just looking for a girl who wants a good time...look somewhere else. 

I'm not a girl who is so vulnerable that I just will fall for any guy. I want a KINGDOM MAN. You don't know what that is...then don't try to pursue me. God has provided me with an amazing group of people who are in my life to help me seek after Him. My goal in life now is not to find a mate, but to seek after His kingdom. 

Some guys may think that because I'm older that I'm desperate to find someone, but the older I get he more I don't want to settle for just a guy, but I want a kingdom man who seeks after God. Until God chooses to show me this special guy, I will continue to just keep my heart in His hands. 

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