Sunday, November 23, 2014

God has been busy today!

How many times have I've gone through a day and actually stopped to see how many prayers God answered for me?  Let me tell you this...Today has been one of those days. 

I work for a hospital organization and our duties require us to be "on call" for the urgent care centers during the weekend.  One day is all for two hours we are required to be available to work if they need us.  This has been in existence for about a year now.  Well, today was a day that I was called into work for them.  I didn't complain at all. I didn't want to go, but I also didn't complain about having to get coverage for all the positions I do at church.  I made the appropriate calls and then headed there.  

I got into the building and said hello to a few people, and walked into the office where I was to be working, only to find a fellow POC working too.  We both asked what each of us were doing there.  She was scheduled, I was called into work that day.  I called the supervisor who informed me that it was the wrong position that was needed.  So she said it would be fine to go. 

I left and headed to church which is about 4 blocks away.  So excited to be able to go with the rest of my day as planned.  I had texted two friends to be praying that I may not have to stay.  

Once I made it to church, I went to my Sunday school class and joined them to hear the rest of the lesson, then we practiced our song and ate a yummy snack.  We headed to the worship service and I began picking out the music for the morning. I wanted to sing about God's attributes.  As I was so thankful to be there at church this morning.  We finished the morning singing the familiar children chorus "God is so Good!"

After church was over, I hadn't seen the treasurer to get my check and wasn't sure if she had it and just didn't get a chance to get to me.  But later I found it before we went to the movie so I was able to get it cashed and put some money in the bank and get gas in my car.  Yet another praise, as I was going to have to do some budgeting to see how much popcorn I would get for the movie!

We made it to the theater and before heading there, I asked my momma to pray for the youth leader to be able to get the money back from the movie tickets. I had already prayed about it, and knew that God was really working things out.  How wonderful when we went to the theater and explained the situation, she was able to refund the tickets that used. 

It has been a great day to be able to see how God is working clearly.  Sometimes He has a tendency to work behind the scenes and we may not see His hand doing anything. Sorta like the "Footprints" poem.  We see that there is only one set of footprints during our hard times...and it was in those times that God carried us.  

Today has also been some time to pray about goals for the upcoming year.  And during tonight's service, I came up with one that I'm really hoping to do.  I used to memorize scripture as a kid, and I say it's hard now, but it really isn't.  I can learn words to songs and quotes to movies, but it's because I'm putting my time in them.  I know I can memorize scripture...and I'm going to begin with Psalm 119. is the LONGEST Psalm, but I believe God wants to teach me something about the Bible that I haven't learned yet.  

God is good...all the time...all the time...God is good!