Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Voice Experience

What a great time I had with my audition for The Voice.  I didn't get picked during my audition, but it was really fun to take the opportunity to audition.

The photo to the right is me at work.  I found this advertisement in a magazine, so I wanted to do my practice voice pose.  

If I were to have been picked I'm not sure which judge I would choose. I do like Adam, because he has been there from the beginning, but I love Pharrell.  He's very talented...and also adorable!  However, my momma loves Blake, so I think momma would want me to pick him.  LOL!!

So, I'm gonna give some details of how the audition process's a pretty cool process.  I know a lot of people were disappointed, but I honestly enjoyed my experience and really had a great time.  I think part of my enjoyment was that I didn't expect to get picked.  I sing (mostly at church).  I'm comfortable there, and I love singing. However, I don't sing because people think I'm a good singer. I sing because I want to use my voice to glorify God. He's the reason I sing.  Anyway...having that attitude of just wanting to do my best, I was able to walk out of the audition room with my head held high knowing that I did my best and I didn't forget my words - which is a major accomplishment for me.  I have forgotten my words a few times at church when I have sang and it's a humbling experience.

This was my audition outfit.  I love the company pieces to peaces.  My niece Karis introduced me to her website.  She sells the cutest headbands and beanies and has branched out into t-shirts too.  I like this one #lumberjane combining it with the lumberjack headband is really fun. I had a great hair day too!

I had a long walk to the end of the line.  My audition time was 2 pm. I took a cab from the college where I was staying to Navy Pier.  The driver let me out and I began my walk.  Part of it was outside, but I went inside and began finding the signs for where to go.  This was a really LONG walk. 

 Went through the whole pier only to end up outside a great shot of the Chicago skyline. I loved this city.  It was fun walking almost everywhere I went with my niece, but a couple of times I was able to take an uber, the bus and the subway. 
It was pretty cold there...was thankful for my new boots because they kept my feet warm even though there was ice on the lake.

 I got to meet some really cool people. One of them had tried out before and was able to inform us what to expect.  We had to stand outside for quite awhile.  I was so cold, but was able to warm up once we got inside. 
 I was able to get this shot with the banner behind me.  This was in a room where there were 6 lines in front of a row of tables.  The girl at the table went through your information and stapled it together.  You had a band on your arm as well as a hand stamp.
My hand stamp. I didn't get the photo taken when it was fresh, but still wanted a photo of it.

 We had two holding rooms where we sat and waiting to be in the audition room.  This room was huge and we had the opportunity to hit the restrooms, and grab something the eat while we waited. 
This is the back of the room.  It's pretty long and there was a line of chairs that were in groups of 10 down the side that went first before I got the opportunity to go. 

 This is the second holding room. This is the back of the room.  This room was fun to be in...until we had a diva walk into the room and crunched on our fun. However, we banded together and was able to continue to enjoy the time in here. 
 This girl in the pink was the diva of this room. Someone had began singing and she turned around and said to be quiet, but then someone else began singing anyway and we all started again.  It was really fun to be in this room and helped with nerves.

After this room, they called 10 at a time.  There were three kids in my group, so there were 3 adults who were also in there beside the girl from the casting company.  She introduced herself to us and explained the process - we would sing a verse and chorus.  She would keep her head down and listen and then after everyone had a turn, she would give further instructions.

I was first to go in my group.  I was glad to be able to go first.  One to get it over with...the other so I could just sit back and enjoy the rest of the auditions.  It was really nice to be able to hear the others.  In my group no one went further than that auditions.  The girl from the casting office, thanked us for coming and giving our time to do the auditions.  She also said for us to continue pursuing our dreams and to come back and try again.  I was hoping that I would be able to meet Anthony Evans, Jr., who is one of the people that works with the casting company...however, I am glad he wasn't the one to tell me "no." 

It was nice to be able to spend time with my niece who is going to college at Moody Bible Institute.  Also nice to be able to spend the nights with her. 

My adventure was fun.  I'm so glad that I did it and maybe I'll try again.

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