Friday, March 27, 2015


I was challenged by a blog post from Chrystal Evans Hurst.  I love following her blogs and podcasts.  She has challenged us to make an effort to get dressed and to snap a photo and post it on Instagram.  I have really enjoyed doing this. It's been an interesting challenge.  I don't have a lot of problem in this area, but I do need to be challenged to do more things.  

Chrystal pointed out that God is very detailed in the instructions for the priestly garments in Exodus.  He gave some purpose for it, but he also wanted them beautiful.  God loves beauty.  It's seen in His creation. The trees, flowers, mountains, etc.  Creation is beautiful.  It may have been cursed after sin entered into the world, but there is still beauty there.  

I will try to post the weeks worth of pictures next week.  

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