Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith - Top 12: "Great is Thy Faithfulness"

Seriously, was overwhelmed last night while watching Jordan Smith sing "Great is thy Faithfulness" on the Voice.  I have been amazed at Jordan since the blind auditions. I do like Mark Hood, but for totally different reasons.  

When Jordan did the intro for the song, I was thinking...this is going to be good, but it exceeded my expectations.  Take a listen!  Hallelujah! was my response after he finished. 

Monday, November 02, 2015

Long time...no blog

This has been a pretty bad year for me and blogging. I think part of the reason is my laptop died this year...and the only computer in my house is in the study and it's just not visible.  Most of the stuff I do on the internet is via my phone or iPad and I just don't like blogging on either of those. I like a keyboard where I can type so much easier.

It's November...and one of my favorite months. I like November because it's a month that I usually get to see most of my family...if not all of them.  However, this year is a little sad, as some of the family will not be able to come in and visit for Buckeye Christmas.  It also doesn't feel like Buckeye Christmas as we are not doing our regular name exchange.  It's just seems things are changing ... and I really hate change!

I am trying to keep my thankful attitude though and trying to remember to post on my Facebook page my thanks for each day.  I began yesterday.

November 1st - I'm thankful I get to meet with my brothers and sisters in Christ on the first day of the week.  It's Sunday! See you at church.

November 2nd -Today I'm thankful for the jobs God has provided me to serve Him. Yes, you can serve God in your everyday ordinary job.  How is this?  Because in everything we do we should bring glory to Him.  I have the opportunity to work with Kings Daughters Medical Center Burlington Family Care Center. I was first hired in 2010, the same year the layoffs began. I am in my sixth year here, and am thankful for every day I have been able to work for this medical system.  I know there is some negative feedback about our hospital, but I'm thankful for them. They have allowed me to have insurance for my medical needs.

I am also thankful for my jobs at Gateway Baptist Church.  I clean the church as custodian.  This job is a paying job. I'm thankful they took a chance on me when I wanted to switch my part time job from Skeetos to church as I hated missing church services.  This position doesn't just allow me to make it to church, it requires me to be there to open and close the church.

I also lead music at church and teach the pre-primary class.  I do these as ministry and really enjoy both of them.

My final position I'm thankful for is one that actually doesn't pay the bills...in fact I probably pay out more to do it.  I am a certified Zumba instructor. I wanted to get my certification to teach Zumba because I finally found a workout that I absolutely enjoy.  It's fun and it works.  Especially when I ate the right way.

These jobs and opportunities allow me to serve God in different ways and I'm thankful God gives me the energy and strength to do them.

Hopefully I can keep this blog up and get back into blogging things. I love being able to remember things and enjoy reading on previous entries to see what God has done for me.