Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hectic Week

This week was a very hectic week.  Momma had her gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. I was glad to have the day off to be with her.  My sisters Becky and Leah and brother Tim was there with us waiting.  It was good to not be the only one waiting on her.  She did well with the surgery.  She was able to go home the same day.  

I also got to stay with her on Wednesday.  She did well that day too.  My sister Leah came up the next two days so I could go back to work.  

Fridays are such a long day.  It's even longer because we didn't have a provider at the office.  Thankfully we did have some people coming in for nurse visits.  

This weekend is a restful weekend.  Last weekend I helped my best friend on her house renovations.  Next weekend I'll be helping her again.  I need to work some more on my room to get it in order for next month's company we will be having. 

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