Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Resurrection Day

I absolutely love Easter. When I was a kid, I didn't really understand the amazing meaning of Easter, even though I didn't think it was about the little bunny that others believe is the reason for this day.

I began my morning going to my church for sunrise service. As a kid I never went to sunrise service, and was thankful that my parents didn't make me go.  However, when I began leading music at my church and our current pastor came, he began having sunrise services.  At first I was so against it, I didn't want to come to sunrise and the only way I decided to go was that my group of friends bribed me with breakfast out after the service.

As, I have gotten older, this service has become one of my favorites. I enjoy it even though it isn't our biggest crowd, it's with a group of believers who enjoy being with each other celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

After this morning's service, I went to breakfast with my momma, best friend Sara.  Her mom and step dad (who I lovingly call the ninjas) joined us.  It was great catching up with them.  My mom enjoys their company and we had a some great fellowship after breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to go back to church and have Sunday school and morning worship.  I really enjoy my Sunday school class. I teach the pre-primary class and we read the story of Jesus raising from the dead and went through the resurrection eggs.  I had three visiting for today and one of my regulars.  These children are so much fun to teach because they are like sponges and soak up what is being taught.

I'm not sure why I actually took this photo during the service, but I wanted to catch a selfie of us.  I love the look on my best friend's face...she's like "really??? during church?" and my look is "yes..." Mr. Ninja looks like he's asleep, but he isn't.  I did listen to the message and I have the notes below. I really enjoyed the message this morning.

Message Title:  In Christ Alone

1. In Christ Alone we have saving power.

2. In Christ Alone we have living power - Christ lives in us.

3. In Christ alone we have serving power

4. In Christ alone we have dying power.

I leave you with the last two photos of the day...
Happy Easter everybody!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

It's been 1 whole month

It's been ONE whole month since joining the REFIT® Revolution Family. I have had a blast on this journey.  I was able to participate in an online class with a mentor for 3 weeks and this experience has been AMAZING. There was more offered than I was able to participate, but just the email and video information has been so helpful. 

This month I began my connection cards. I have also decided instead of doing quarterly giveaways, I want to give more personal things out.  So for birthdays my hope is to have a special gift to give that particular person. I began this with a daughter of one of my attendees.  Her face lit up as she opened her bagful of things. I had gotten things like temporary tattoos, some silly putty (in a yellow egg), some erasers, gum, and a friendship jewelry activity set. I thought that went great with the community aspect of our mission and vision of REFIT®

This past week, we actually had more people than lines on the sign-in sheet. I may have to rethink that sheet a little. 

Our class challenge for this month is core focus. I have provided a core challenge for attendees to do if they want to accept the challenge. 

Also the heart work at the end of class has been really excited to find to share with my class. I have enjoyed it much as well.  It's amazing how God is using me to help encourage others on our journey.  

Until next time revolutionaries!!!