Friday, May 12, 2017

In Jesus Name - Israel Houghton - Lakewood Church

The other day I was watching a Facebook Live of Mandisa and she mentioned this song.  Her version was the one by Darlene Zschech from "Revealing Jesus." As I looked up the song on Apple Music, I found this version by Israel Houghton. I love Israel's music, and this arrangement of the song is my favorite. He did sing on Darlene's version, but her song is like 9+ minutes long.  This one is over 6 minutes, but it's still good. 

As with most worship songs, it repeats, but the following is the words without repeats

God is fighting for us, God is on our side
He has overcome, yes He has overcome
We will not be shaken, we will not be moved
Jesus, You are here

Carrying our burdens, covering our shame
He has overcome, yes He has overcome
We will not be shaken, we will not be moved
Jesus, You are here

I will live, I will not die
The resurrection power of Christ
Alive in me and I am free in Jesus name

I will live, I will not die
I will declare and lift You high
Christ revealed and I am healed in Jesus name

God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness
Lighting up the kingdom that cannot be shaken
In the name of Jesus, enemy's defeated
And we will shout it out, shout it out

I'm so thankful that the ONE TRUE GOD is THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. 

There are so many people who are struggling with different things in their life.  And we have the power of Jesus on our side, when we following Him. 

In the midst of bad news this week, I have been singing this song over and over. One because it's new to me...Two because when I like a song, I put it on repeat until I can sing it without the music playing along...and Three because I need this reminder.  GOD IS FIGHTING FOR US, PUSHING BACK THE DARKNESS, LIGHTING UP THE KINGDOM, THAT CANNOT BE SHAKEN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, ENEMY'S DEFEATED, AND WE WILL SHOUT IT OUT, SHOUT IT OUT!!!

I ask that you join in prayer for a few requests.  

  1. I have a few girls in my REFIT® class that I'm praying for - one has just given her life to Jesus recently and Jesus is working in her life revealing things that she needs to surrender to Him.  
  2. My niece, Karis, she is pregnant and struggling with the sickness.  She hasn't been able to keep fluids and food down due to being nauseous.  
  3. I have a special friend who has just found out she has breast cancer. 
I ask that you join with me and lift these requests to the throne.