Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Remembering My Dad - Personal Portrait - Part 1

Father's Day each year is the reminder of when my daddy went to be with Jesus.  On June 15, 2012 he passed from this life into eternity with Jesus after a long battle with prostate cancer.

I am a huge fan of "The Wally Show" out of Nashville, TN.  This year, Wally shared with the listeners his letter to his dad for possibly the last Father's Day with him.  It got me to thinking about remembering my dad.  Momma and I have talked about him a lot over the last week, and I had an idea to do a father's legacy for him.  I want a place that I can have facts and stories about him that I can go back to read at a later time to remember him, and also for my family to have as well. 

So here is the first installment of this tribute to my dad!

Personal Portrait - Part 1

What is the date and place of birth? August 17, 1931 in Kentucky (somewhere)

What is your full name? Charles Junior Jayne

Who selected your name? unknown

Did you have a nickname? Junie (family), Junie Boy (by my momma), Rocky (men of the plant), 
Rev (Hazel Stewart's boy), Preacher (by some others)

Your Mother's Full Name - Alta Salyers Jayne

Your Father's Full Name - Charles Uel Jayne

Names of brothers & sisters:
Brothers: Raymond Jayne and William Darrell Jayne
Sisters: Eloise Lee Duty, Ruth Salyers, Emma Gee Crager, Clara Sue Crisp, and Nancy Jayne Zornes

Wife's Full Name:
Garnet Pauline Hutchinson Jayne

What are the names of your children?
Becky Lynn Jayne Thompson - Ironton General Hospital, Ironton, OH
Charles Timothy (Tim) Jayne - Ironton General Hospital, Ironton, OH
David Lee Jayne - Ironton General Hospital, Ironton, OH
Paul Dwight Jayne - Ironton General Hospital, Ironton, OH 
Leah Rae Jayne Kessinger - Ironton General Hospital, Ironton, OH
Mary Ann Jayne Knipp - 16th Street, Huntington, WV (on the to Cabell Huntington Hospital)
Deborah Denise (DeeJay) Jayne - Cabell Huntington Hospital, Huntington, WV

Grandchildren's Names - 
Child of Tim & Tonda Skeen Jayne
Marisa Kay Jayne Hock (married to Adam Hock) 

Children of David & Susan Brown Jayne
Karis Elizabeth Jayne Sego (married to Nathan Thomas Sego) 
Micah David Jayne

Children of Paul & Cindy Lee Craig Jayne
David Paul Jayne (married to Morgan Brown Jayne)
Chelsea Leigh Jayne McCoy (married to Jason McCoy)

Children of Leah & Michael Wayne Kessinger)
Nicholas Michael Kessinger
Jacob Charles Kessinger
Brock Edward Kessinger

Children of Mary & Michael (Mickey) Roy Knipp
Michael Scott Knipp (married to Amanda Wilson Knipp)
Madison Jayne Knipp Bruce (married to Jared Bruce)
Marcus Gene Knipp

Great-Grand Children
Children of Marisa & Adam Hock
Chloe Noel Hock
Thatcher Graham Hock

Children of Karis & Nate Sego
Landon Thomas Sego
Evalee Jayne Sego
(unnamed baby due - November 2017)

Children of Michael Scott Knipp
Molly Grace Knipp
(Charles Michael Knipp - due August 2017)

Children of David & Morgan Jayne
(baby girl due - October 2017)

What was your favorite way to spend a day of leisure? 
spending time with family (sometimes napping), fishing, blackberry picking, church softball, gardening

What sport did you like the most? why? High School (football and baseball) - watching on TV was basketball.  

(Memory from DeeJay - I remember sometimes when playoffs for college would be on and daddy would be watching. I was not a fan at all, but I did like to watch sometimes especially if daddy was into the game.  I remember once watching and there was a great game winning shot. I remember talking about it later with him and I was glad that I watched it with him.

Favorite Team? Baseball - Cincinnati Reds / Football - OSU Buckeyes

What was your favorite vacation spot?  
Mom remembers some vivid ones - Becky & Mike took you to FL and you enjoyed that one.
Also the family vacation in WV and Pigeon Forge, TN

As a kid I remember we ALWAYS went to Tennessee Temple University bible conference for our family vacation.  The famous saying "Chuch, chuch, chuch. All we do is chuch" was said.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tauren Wells - Hills and Valleys (Acoustic Video)

Being a person who loves music, I have said it many times it's hard to pick a FAVORITE song, but I have what I call "Song of the Moments." 

My last post was about a song "In Jesus Name" that has been really encouraging to me to continue to pray for my requests in His name, because He's fighting for us. 

Well, this post is about a new song by Tauren Wells.  I love the acoustic version better than the one of the EP.  

My best friend Sara posted this link on her Facebook page and I listened to it immediately. I began thinking of a song that my parents used to sing ... "Thank You for the Valleys." It was my favorite song as a child that they sang. This song by Tauren reminds me of an updated version of the song my parents sang. 

I am not a fan of the valleys, but I do know that they are needed in my life.  The mountain times are the easier times in life, but even those times we can learn to trust God too. 

I hope you enjoy this song...