Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tauren Wells - Hills and Valleys (Acoustic Video)

Being a person who loves music, I have said it many times it's hard to pick a FAVORITE song, but I have what I call "Song of the Moments." 

My last post was about a song "In Jesus Name" that has been really encouraging to me to continue to pray for my requests in His name, because He's fighting for us. 

Well, this post is about a new song by Tauren Wells.  I love the acoustic version better than the one of the EP.  

My best friend Sara posted this link on her Facebook page and I listened to it immediately. I began thinking of a song that my parents used to sing ... "Thank You for the Valleys." It was my favorite song as a child that they sang. This song by Tauren reminds me of an updated version of the song my parents sang. 

I am not a fan of the valleys, but I do know that they are needed in my life.  The mountain times are the easier times in life, but even those times we can learn to trust God too. 

I hope you enjoy this song...

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